solar scams awareness
“Cheap and less qualified labor” Scam

A very unprofessional practice is being followed in the solar industry. What has come to light is, certain approved installers now employ less qualified laborers to undertake the installations. They sign off the paperwork and pretend as if they have themselves performed the work. Sometimes they don’t even visit that site and sign the papers.

Cheap and less qualified labor leads to poor quality installation, which is quite dangerous at times.

What can be done?

As the solar industry is empowering with new rules and regulations, random inspection by the government officials would create fear in the minds of installers who are a part of such installations. Their license should be canceled as a punishment. Solar systems are power generation stations on the roofs of homes and businesses so, it should be taken very seriously. If you have a complaint against the accredited installer who came and installed your system, you can submit a complaint at Clean Energy Council.