Renewable Energy Revolution – Solar Powered Schools across Australia

As Solar energy generation is gaining popularity in Australia, the institutions in Australia are not lagging behind. More than 1,430 institutions throughout New South Wales have had photovoltaic panels mounted in the past years to minimize their carbon footprint. They are harnessing the power of the sunlight in meeting one of the greatest challenges confronting our world– climate Change.

Solar energy systems will certainly make it possible for schools to generate energy to meet some of the electrical power requirements as well as minimize their consumption of nonrenewable fuel sources. You can utilize solar energy sources to produce electrical power combined with your existing power grid connection– and also possibly even generate added earnings with feed in tariff schemes!

solar powered schools

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Both primary and also secondary schools around the nation are taking sensible action to reduce emissions as well as electricity bills via installing solar power systems while providing educational advantages for pupils in learning more about renewable resource and also environmental stewardship.

The size of systems differ depending upon the school, from an 18-kilowatt system at Kensington Public School to a 99.9 kW at the Ballina Senior high school which opened in January.

solar powered schools

Solar is now more affordable than ever


We analyse your electricity consumption and usage patterns and let you know what system size you need and where to install it. We provide the estimated cost for the system and also the amount you will save with solar over the years.


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