Solar Led skylight is the perfect solution to lighten up the rooms for free. Its benefits outweigh the traditional skylights in many ways. It can be installed in multi-story homes or buildings which is the major limitation of traditional skylights. It can light up even the darkest corners of your house like under the staircase, basement. That’s why it is considered as the best alternative in the market.

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Solar Led Skylight is a boon for areas with the scarcity of light around their premises. The areas surrounded by tall buildings are adopting it at a rapid rate as it is the best green energy solution available. Installation is also a breeze, simply mount the solar panel on the roof then run the interconnecting cable down to your light fitting… It’s that easy!

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The Solar skylight has 3 main parts – The Solar panel, the LED panel, and a cable. The solar panel and LED panel are connected with the cable passing through the roof of the building.

The solar panel is neatly installed on the roof where it collects the sunlight. The collected solar energy is transferred to the control module which then powers the LED panel. The emission of light from the LED panel is directly proportional to the amount of solar energy it gets which means if the sunlight is more then it emits more light and if the sunlight is less then it emits lower light. This also indicates the genuine reflection of natural light inside the home.

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Solar LED skylights vs Traditional Skylights
  • Multiple roof penetrations

  • Greater risk of water ingress

  • Heat Gains And Looses

  • Multi-storey limitation

  • Small (10mm) hole for cable

  • Water damage alleviated

  • Zero Heat Gains And Looses

  • Installation freedom

Solar LED skylight offers ample advantages over traditional skylights.

  1. No restriction on the level of installation: All levels of a building can enjoy the benefits of this system as it is not restricted to the top level only.
  2. Lights up every corner of the house: It can reach even the darkest corners such as the basement, space under stairs, corridors etc.
  3. No leakage worries and other problems: It does not involve the passing of light shafts and flexible tubes through the roof, which means there is no need to make a hole in the roof. So, leakage is not even a possibility.
  4. Protection from heat, noise and UV radiations: It is a sealed system unlike traditional skylights so there is no possibility of transmission of heat, noise and UV radiations from outside.

Additional Benefits

Solar LED lighting inside the washroom
  • No multiple roof penetrations

  • No water leaks.

  • No storm damage.

  • No fire restrictions.

  • Multiple rooms lit by a single solar panel

  • Faster, easier, cleaner installation

  • Can be switched on/off during the day.

  • High light output in single or multi-story homes units

  • Designed Extra Low Voltage, DIY and safe to use

  • Optional Day/Night use

  • Shaftless, No dead insects

  • No more large unsightly holes cut into the roof which can compromise its integrity

  • Reduced risk of water and hail damage to property when severe storms arrive

  • The reduced security risk of intruders entering via the skylight shaft

  • Installation costs are reduced

  • Increases the efficiency of the home with no heat gain in summer or heat loss in winter.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The solar panels installed on the roof collect sunlight. The collected sunlight is transferred to control module which then powers the LED panels.

Solar LED skylight can be installed in multi-story homes or buildings. It can light even the darkest corners such as the basement, space under stairs, corridors, etc. No leakage worries. There is protection from heat, noise and UV radiations.

Unlike traditional skylights, it is a sealed system. So, transmission of heat is not a possibility.

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