Lg-Chem Battery storage system

ESS (Energy Storage System) hoards electric energy and makes the most of it for later expenditure. It is intended to advance the effectiveness of energy, by improving the value of sustainable energy that results in a balance of power supply system. SOLARMATIC offers most excellent energy solution for the people using our high-tech energy storage system with an extended lifetime and a superior value. LG Chem RESU10 battery is a leading energy storage solution (ESS) able to offer emergency backup power while saving the prices of electricity. The LG Chem RESU10 battery can be charged during off-peak periods and discharged when the energy rates are higher, balancing the requirement of energy and lowering your electricity bills. Energy produced by solar panels can be gathered for the time to come when in use. During a power disruption, the battery can be discharged to supply emergency power to necessary tools at home.

Security is the top priority of LG Chem and they make use of the same technology in their automotive batteries. LG Chem RESU10 batteries are totally specialized in all applicable global standards such as IEC and UL. The LG Chem RESU10 batteries are lightweight but solid that permits easy installation. These batteries are available in a variety of abilities and voltages; the model RESU is specially made to work with the investors with a battery of 48-volt. Their total functional energy is 8.8kWh and 2 batteries can be load together for bigger power supplies.

Here are some of the effective benefits of installing LG Chem at your home or office!


The lightweight and compact nature of the RESU makes it more wanted and outstanding. It is outlined to permit trouble-free floor-standing or wall-mounted setting up for both outdoor and indoor applications. The inverter connections have also been made simple by reducing the time of installation and expenses.


LG Chem has a large range of installations option that includes AC coupling and DC coupling as there two different voltages. LG Chem RESU can get fit with any type of coupling but they are suitable for either off-grid or for on-grid use. The LG Chem RESU has higher power than most equivalent battery systems and is solid and lighter than other battery systems.  They are authorized to hold no less than 60% of their supposed capacity until they have stored a little less than 2,500 kilowatt-hours for each kilowatt-hour of nominal capacity.

Configuration of ESS Battery

LG - Chem Battery Storage system

Battery Cell

  • Customized cells for ESS purpose
  • Energy cell for long duration energy storage
  • Power cell for high power output energy storage
LG - Chem Battery Storage system

Battery Pack

  • ESS Pack composed of sub-modules, BMS, and BPU
  • Parallel expansions or Main Pack independent operation
LG - Chem Battery Storage system

Battery Module

  • 19-inch standard module
  • Product composed of sub-modules and BMS
Inside view of LG Chem Battery Storage

Battery Rack System

  • ESS Battery Rack composed of BPU, BMS, and modules connected in series/parallel
  • Flexible system design : Fan-cooling or air cooling options available depending on heat dissipation

Purpose of ESS Battery

Power Ancillary Service(Grid)

ESS battery is used for balancing the power supply and peak management. Along with it, peak load is reduced with ESS batteries. The power quality improvement for renewable energy intermittency is there in ESS batteries.

Household Use

ESS batteries have self-sufficient power, as well as consumption for solar PV, installed households. They can also be used at night time as the solar energy is stored in it. Moreover, it is helpful in reducing the electricity bill.

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

These batteries have power back-up for high profiled facilities. They can be used in Telecommunication repeaters & base stations, Internet data centers, hospitals, and public offices effectively.

LG - Chem Battery storage Configuration

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