Solar Repair and Solar panels services

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Solarmatic based in NSW, Sydney Australia, has been in the solar business for more than a decade now. We address all manners of solar repair whether there is some problem with your solar water heater or your solar fan is not working well. We are well-versed in dealing with all types of solar equipment of almost all brands.

We can fix your solar power system and can bring it back to proper functioning. You can count on us for the best quality fix. We also assure your solar system works at its peak capacity.

Faulty Inverter Repair / Replacement

We don’t care whether you have got your system installed from us or not. We are happy to help. Provided your inverter can be repaired, our experienced and knowledgeable technicians fix all types of inverters at affordable prices.

Solar system health checkup

To ensure that all the solar components are in good working condition and are providing maximum efficiency, book the Solar system check-up with us for $199. Call us on 1300 980 640.

Solar Servicing / Solar maintenance service

If you want your system to function smoothly for long at its peak efficiency then periodic solar servicing is required. Book yours now to ensure safety and efficiency.

Help Desk

Facing issues with your solar inverter? Visit our Help desk section to see if you can fix the problem yourself.

System Warranties

Solar modules in Australia come with certain warranties. It is very important to know your warranty requirements as sometimes the warranty gets void if you do not get your system services periodically. Inquire about the warranty details from your installation company or if it’s not in business any longer then you can contact our Customer Support department. We have listed content details and full warranty credentials for most panels and inverters on our website.

Need help in understanding your solar problems?

Well, we have a dedicated customer support department to help you. You can also visit our Helpdesk page to see if you can fix the problem yourself.

Troubleshooting Tips

Is your system not working properly or has stopped working and you don’t know why? Here are some tips to understand the problem:

  • Check for shading issue. See if any tree has grown with time and is blocking the sunlight.

  • Check for Zero power output. It can be due to faulty inverter or blocking of panels due to shade.

  • Check for any overheating of the system.

  • Check for any physical damage to the terminals.

  • If possible check you solar panels for any cracks, chips or discoloration.

  • Ensure proper function of the inverter by observing the display panel.

  • Observe all switches, wires and connections to make sure, they all are working properly.

For any assistance related to solar or to book a service, call our customer care department

1300 980 640