solar scams awareness

Solar Scams – Beware of the Small Print Clauses

It has come to light that in lengthy contracts, there are certain small clauses that should be paid attention to.

Do you know how solar scams work?

As we know, while advertising, the companies promote the best equipment in the market. But, there is small mentioning in the long agreements that the solar panels and inverters can be switched to ‘similar equipment’ if they could not get the specified equipment from the distributor.

So, it’s important that you should know whether are you getting what you signed up for or if not, then which similar equipment is replacing that module. The customer’s consent should be taken prior to installation.

Warranty Scams

Another Small print clause which needs attention is about Warranty. Long-term warranties are offered by big companies with no intention of honoring those. For instance, recently a “Tier 1″ manufacturing company witnessed over 200,000-panel failures. Despite long-term warranties, these panels failed in just 5 years. When the customers claimed for warranty, then they got to know about the clause which was there in their agreement. The clause stated –the customer needs to get the annual system inspection done by the initial installation company costing $250.

As customers were not aware of this, and could not supply the annual inspection log. The claim was then denied by the installation company. Such types of clauses depict the intention of the manufacturer, they know that they have supplied cheaper quality panels which can fail in a short period of time.

So, we suggest going through the agreements thoroughly before signing the deals which seem too good to be true.