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Cheap Solar Panels – Performance Issue

In recent times, it has come to light that certain panel manufacturers sell underperforming Solar Panels at cheaper prices. The manufacturer’s of such cheap solar panels are defaming the solar market.

Solar Panels come with a nameplate rating. This rating shows the amount of power which the panel is capable of producing. For example – A solar panel with a nameplate rating 250W means if 1000W of light energy is falling on panel (per meter 2) having cell temperature of 25ºC, then it would produce 250W of power.

Unfortunately, there are cheap solar panels in the market which produce lesser power than what is mentioned on their nameplate rating and are being sold at lower prices just to lure the customers. Such manufacturers are defaming the solar market.

Such underperforming cheap solar panels degrade further with time and do not meet the customer’s expectations. As per the tests which were conducted by Choice magazine, 13 out of 15 panels had lower wattage than mentioned in the nameplate.

What can be done?

We advise doing thorough research about the panels and manufacturers before purchasing the panels. Don’t just go after cheaper price.

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If you have been a target of any type of solar scam, kindly report it to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) via the SCAMwatch website or by calling 1300 795 995.