solar scams awareness

Be very careful with the solar deals Bulk Buy Programs

Solar deals such as Solar Bulk Buy Programs claim to provide quality rooftop solar systems at a discounted price to consumers with the motive of helping the local community.

The problem with solar is that one size does not fit all. Every household has different requirements which can only be assessed with a home visit. In solar deals such as bulk buy programs, it is not the case. Additionally, you get limited inverter and panels options to choose from.

It has been reported by some that, often cheaper products are sold in the name of quality products. Bulk buy is profitable only when the installation is fast. There are chances that the solar installation company would leave the town with many medium to poorly installed systems. Then it is totally dependent on the luck of the customers whether the bulk buy company comes back to fix problems of the poor installation or not.

People generally approach local installation companies to fix the bulk buy systems, but those repairs are not cheap.

So, it is essential to be extra careful while going ahead with bulk buy solar deal and seek help from a local well-established installation company to make the informed decision.

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If you have been a target of any type of solar scam, kindly report it to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) via the SCAMwatch website or by calling 1300 795 995.