Installers for solar panels

Choosing the right installer is very important because buying solar panels is a big investment.

With an increasing demand for solar and government initiative to promote solar by giving rebates to homeowners have flooded the market with installers. While most of them are accredited ones but there are some crappy ones too who claim they are the best and try to overwhelm you with information. Here are some tips to help you find the right installation company for you.

1. CEC Certified : It is of utmost importance that the installer you choose is CEC certified. Clean Energy Council (CEC) is Australia’s renewable energy association. CEC has mentioned on their website that CEC accredited installers ” aim to work to industry best practice standards, producing systems that are safe, reliable and meet customer expectations”.

Solarmatic is CEC Certified and has knowledgeable professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the solar industry, residential and commercial installations, battery storage systems, panels, and inverters.

2. In-house assessment: If the installer is willing to take out time to visit your home, then he can give you the best advice.He will analyse the size of your roof, your energy consumption, considering details like what time of the day the electricity consumption is maximum, the direction of the house, any shading issues etcetera. You can expect suggestions about how to save energy. But if the installer is not willing to visit you to evaluate the requirements, you can’t expect the best installation either.

Solarmatic provides free onsite measure and quotation. Our experts are very professional and arrive at your door in branded solarmatic uniform. Solarmatic is a brand name known for its installation services, so we give you quote on company custom quote book, not on generic cheap off the shelf quote book. You will get our company business card with the company details

3. References: You can ask the installer for references and testimonials from previous clients. If he is a right installer and has been in business for quite some time, then he would not be having any problem in sharing the testimonies. Knowing the experience of previous customers is an excellent way of knowing how their installation was handled.

Solarmatic has done over 100kW solar installation and is willing to show you the testimonials.

4. Warranty: The standard warranty of the solar panels in Australia is 10 years, but 12 years of product warranties are becoming more common. Inverters and Batteries offer limited warranty/guarantee, it is around 5-10 years. You should be aware of the kind of warranty you are getting either from the manufacturer or from the installer. Most installers also provide a workmanship warranty of a year.

5. Understand the quotations: The most crucial thing is – quotation should be as per your specific needs. It is good to compare quotes and see what is included and what is not so that you don’t end up paying extra at the end. Note – Don’t fall for lower quote blindly. Research the company history and the previous installations done so far. Always go for quality installation work as Installation is the king.

Solarmatic experts believe in educating the customer. We make sure you understand everything about the product before going ahead.

6. Don’t get trapped by the Sales Tactics: Accredited installers who offer quality products and services do not pressurise customers to buy their products. It is okay if some installers give you some discount or limited time offer. If you have already done your research and know what you need, then you can take benefit of the offer but never make your decisions under any pressure. Some companies have interstate or overseas call centre, which can’t be trusted, so stay away from such crappy installers.

There are several other factors to consider while moving forward with the installation. Do invest time into research beforehand, so you will be confident about your requirements while talking with the installer. This way you can make an educated decision about the product you need.

Solarmatic has a local office in Smithfield where you can visit us in person, unlike virtual offices who just receive calls or hire $50 tablespaces from renting agencies in significant high rise buildings.

We sell multiple solar products –

1. Solar LED Skylights

2. Battery storage system

3. Solar roof ventilator

4. Bird Meshing

Click on the links to know the details and call us on our toll free number 1300 980 640 for solar services like Panel cleaning and solar system checkup.