how to clean solar panels

How to clean Solar panels

The topic which has been ignored and which is of utmost importance is the maintenance and cleaning of solar panels. Everyone does thorough research on which panels are efficient, from where to get the solar installation done but after installation, forgets everything. You should know how to clean solar panels as well.  It is very important to follow a few simple steps to maintain and clean the panels to ensure maximum efficiency.

Solar Panel Cleaning Tips

Many people ask how to clean solar panels on roof.

Considering safety, it is wise to clean panels from the ground if possible. If it is not possible to clean them from the ground then do not attempt to access your rooftop yourself unless you have safety equipment with you or you are sure you won’t get hurt. It is better to hire a qualified professional to do the job.

  • Solar Panel Cleaning Kits

    Many people often look for solar cleaners to do the job themselves, well, it is good news for them that Solar panel cleaning kits are available in the market, which makes the job very easy. Inside the kit, you will find a biodegradable soap, wiper, and a brush. Take water in a bucket and mix the soap in it. Follow the instructions mentioned on the bottle. Dip the brush in the soap water and start wiping the panels gently. Make sure you are not scratching off the panels, use a soft brush instead. This way you can wipe off the dust or bird’s droppings and then panels will absorb maximum sunlight and you will get consistent performance.

  • Pro tip

    To make the task easier, clean the panels when they are either wet or moist. This would help you to remove the dirt easily.

  • Periodic Panel Cleaning For Efficient System Performance

    Clean the panels periodically, this way less effort would be required to clean and dust would not stick to the panels.

Don’ts while solar panel washing

  • Don’t Damage The Panel

    Don’t use harsh material to clean the panels as this would scratch the panels. Always use soft rag or brush.

  • Don’t Damage The Panel

    Never use any harsh chemical or soap or detergent to clean the panels. This may harm the panels and you know its repair is quite costly.

Safety instructions

  • Safety First

    If you are getting on the roof while cleaning, always keep in mind that it often gets slippery and you could slide off. It’s important to consider your safety first, you can use safety ropes or a harness for support.

  • Safety First

    If you are cleaning while standing on the ground, use long handled wiper for safety.

Now I guess “How to clean solar panels is answered” and the next question that arises is “How often solar panels should be cleaned”.

Many people ask how often solar panels should be cleaned. I would say it depends on the type of panels, and weather conditions. Your solar installer can guide you better in this regard. Half-yearly cleaning of panels or when dirty is considered as good.

What comes under the maintenance of solar panels?

You might have heard that a solar panel system doesn’t require maintenance as it doesn’t contain any moving parts that wear out with time. It’s true, it doesn’t require much maintenance but the following tips would help you to get the best in terms of performance. A little care or concern is always fruitful. After all, it is a big investment so it is worth the concern.

  • Watch out for any shade issues

    To expect maximum output, panels must receive ample sunlight so it becomes the duty of the owner to ensure the same.

  • Inverter Condition Awareness

    As we know inverter plays a pivotal role in converting Direct Current into Alternating Current so always make sure it is flashing green light or any other indicator ensuring the successful working of inverter as per the model of the inverter.

  • Panels Performance Monitoring

    Monitor the performance of the solar panel system. It is important to keep track of the consistency of the performance, however, it can vary if it is a cloudy day but still performance monitoring is crucial. It helps you to know how much you are getting from feed-in tariff scheme, your saving on electricity bills, how you can manage the energy usage in future and so on.

  • Call Solarmatic for Maintenance

    If you have a very busy schedule and you can’t spare time to clean the panels yourself then you can contact Solarmatic for solar panel cleaning. We would be happy to do the job for you.