Electricity Towers

With no concrete plans to replace the Renewable Energy Target  or RET that is due to come to an end in 2030 (and will reduce in value year-on-year until this date), it may give the impression that the industry is downbeat about the future of solar power and battery storage systems.

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Solar panels on rooftop

Adelaide rooftop solar could supply over a quarter of the CBD’s energy needs, a new report has found.

Nearly half the CBD’s roof space could house 516,000 solar panels, according to analysis from the Australian Photovoltaic Institute (APVI).

The Spatial Analysis of Solar Potential in Adelaide report used APVI’s Solar Potential Tool (SunSPoT), developed by researchers at UNSW.

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Solar panel installation

According to its chief, the SA Water solar program’s latest solar power goal will deliver zero net electricity costs by 2020.

The corporation is looking to install 152 MW of solar PV, along with 35 megawatt-hours of battery storage at 70 of its sites across the state.

The aim, according to SA Water CEO Roch Cheroux, is to neutralize the company’s electricity costs, which rose to $55 million in 2016-17.

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