Trina Panels

Trina Solar Panels

Trina Solar is the global leading provider of Solar modules and energy solutions. It is a Chinese company  founded by Gao Jifan in 1997. It has 21 offices worldwide including one in Sydney, Australia.

Being a Tier 1 manufacturer, Trina Solar provides 10 year product warranty which is standard for Tier 1 panels.

In 2016, Trina Solar broke the world record for multi-crystalline solar panel efficiency.

In the list of “2018 Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises”, Trina Solar secured the 17th position.

All Trina Solar panels are stated as corrosion resistant so they are suitable for installation anywhere in Australia.

Trina panels are known in the market for their reliability and cost-effectiveness

Trina’s Honey panel introduced in 2012 is quite popular because it was between cutting edge technology and cost effectiveness. So, it was named as Honey Panel.

For Improved Performance, Trina Smart Panels have built-in DC Optimisers.
DC Optimisers as the name suggest optimise the performance – These are little bundles of electronics attached to solar panels to enhance performance.


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