Astroenergy solar panels

Astronergy Solar Panels

Astronergy, a Chinese Company founded in 2006, is a trusted provider of monocrystalline and polycrystalline PV modules. Astronergy solar panel modules come with 12-year Warranty for Materials and Processing and 25-year Warranty for Extra Linear Power Output (1st year ≤ 3%, 2nd~25th years ≤ 0.7% / year).

The Chint Group is Astronergy’s Parent Company and Major Share Holder, after the merger in 2016. The merger with Chint Electrics will make Astronergy more financially stable in developing new solar markets in the near future.

Astronergy became the first Chinese solar company that established a production facility in Germany after acquiring Conergy’s production plant in 2014. This merger increased Astronergy’s market share in the EU significantly.

Astronergy has been listed as a Tier 1 solar module provider for consecutive years by Bloomberg.

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