E01 Isolation error in JFY solar inverters

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E01 Isolation error in JFY solar inverters


Check the impedance is between PV (+) & PV (-) and the PV-Inverter is earthed. The impedance must be greater than 2MΩ.


NOTE: During periods of little or no sunlight, the solar inverter may continuously start up and shut down. This is due to insufficient power generated to operate the control circuits, not trouble.


If you can not solve the trouble with the above procedures, Please contact Solarmatic or service personnel.

Before contacting the Solarmatic or service personnel, please find and keep at hand the following information:

Information of JSI inverter

  1. Inverter Model
  2. Serial Number
  3. Week of manufacture
  4. Which LED is red?
  5. Which warning/error is displayed?
  6. Do you notice whether warning/error can be repeated?

Information on the PV array

  1. The model and manufacturer of the PV panels
  2. Number of strings in the PV array and number of panels per string
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