Solar panel grid

Significant Benefits of solar installation at offices

  • Rise in Power Rates

    We can’t control the rising power prices, but we can switch to a renewable and clean source of energy that is solar energy. You can avoid the future price spikes by installing a solar panel system on your roof. After analysing the energy consumption, you can install panels onto your office building and can generate your own electricity. Once you get the control in your hands, you can even manage your energy usage habits accordingly.

  • Reduce Power Bills

    You can reduce your utility bills considerably by switching to solar. Whether you run a small enterprise or a large one, the major expense of all businesses is the power bill. By investing in solar, you can save a significant amount which can be spent on something else.

  • Shows Corporate Responsibility

    By switching to solar, you are, in a way contributing towards the battle against global warming, which shows your corporate responsibility. Powering your office with solar energy will not only bring positive image for your business but will make your business stand out from your competitors. By reducing the dependence on fossil fuels, you are contributing towards a clean environment, this will make you feel proud and would buy you the respect of your customers.

  • Commercial solar Incentives

    Government is providing exciting rebates on solar installation. For systems below 100 kW, you entitled to claim STC’s, and for systems above 100 kW, you will get LGC’s (Large-scale Generation certificates).