ABB Aurora Power-One Inverter Fault & Error Codes

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The following is a list of ABB inverter error codes, messages, causes and solutions from ABB Aurora Power-One Inverter user manual. The following list contains the error and alarm messages that the ABB Aurora Power-One inverters may display along with the procedures for solving possible problems and some appropriate troubleshooting tips. If you require any further assistance please call us on 1300 980 640.





Sun LowW001Input Voltage under the threshold
Input voltage under the threshold (when off)
Input OCE001Input Over-current
Input UVW002Input Under-voltage
Input OVE002Input Over-voltage
Int. ErrorE003No parameters
Bulk OVE004Bulk Over-voltage
Int. ErrorE005Communication Error
Out OCE006Output Over-current
Int. ErrorE007IGBT Sat
Sun LowW011Bulk Under-voltage
Int. ErrorE009Internal Error
Grid FailW003Grid Fail
Wrong grid parameters
Int. ErrorE010Bulk Low
Int. ErrorE011Ramp Fail
DC/DC FailE012DcDc Error revealed by inverter
DcDc fault detected by inverter
Wrong ModeE013Wrong Input setting (Singe instead of dual)
Wrong Input setting (Single instead of dual-channel)
Over Temp.E014Over-temperature
Internal temperature too high
Cap. FaultE015Bulk Capacitor Fail
Bulk capacitor fault
Inv. FaultE016Inverter fail revealed by DcDc
Inverter fault detected by DcDc
Int. ErrorE017Start Timeout
Ground F.E018I leak fail
Leakage current fault
Int. ErrorE019I leak Sensor fail
Leakage current fault
Int. ErrorE020DcDc relay fail
DcDc relay fault
Int. ErrorE021Inverter relay fail
Inverter relay fault
Int. ErrorE022Autotest Timeout
Int. ErrorE023Dc-Injection Error
Grid OVW004Output Over-voltage
Grid UVW005Output Under-voltage
Grid OFW006Output Over-frequency
Grid UFW007Output Under-frequency
Z Grid HIW008Z grid out of range
Impedance outside range
Int. ErrorE024Unknown Error –
Internal Error
————-E025Riso Low (Log Only)
Low insulation resistance (Log only)
Int. ErrorE026Vref Error
Wrong reference voltage (VRef)
Int. ErrorE027Vgrid Measures Fault
Grid voltage (VGrid) misreading
Int. ErrorE028Fgrid Measures Fault
Grid frequency (FGrid) misreading
Int. ErrorE029Zgrid Measures Fault
Int. ErrorE030Ileak Measures Fault
Leak current (ILeak) misreading
Int. ErrorE031Wrong V Measure
Voltage (V) misreading
Int. ErrorE032Wrong I Measure
Current (I) misreading
Fan FailW010Fan Fail (no disconnection)
Fan Faulty (Log Only)
Int. ErrorE033Under Temperature
Internal Temperature
E034Interlock Fail (Not Used)
E035Remote Off
Remote power-off
E036Vout Avg
Average output voltage outside range
W012Clock Battery Low (No disconnection)
Clock battery low (not operating)
W013Clock Failure (No disconnection)
Clock faulty (not operating)
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