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We know taking the decision to get solar installed isn’t easy. At Solarmatic, we understand your concerns and help you in taking the right decision. The first question that comes to mind while thinking of going solar is –

How much money would a solar PV system save?
How much reduction in my current power bill can I expect?
What size solar system do I need?

Well, a lot of factors are taken into consideration while calculating the exact solar system size and savings but a rough idea helps to kick start the journey.

Solarmatic’s Solar savings calculator provides you with the estimated values by simply entering your quarterly bill. If you feel you should go for solar after analyzing the estimated values then you can call us for a “Free no-obligation quote” and our team would provide you with a detailed quote with exact figures. Finding the exact figures yourself would be a lot confusing as it involves a lot of parameters and you need the assistance of a professional to do the calculations for you.

Calculate your Solar PV Sytem size now

Solar Calculator


the system size may vary depending upon your roof size

which would be around a 80% Savings on your current bill

which would be around 80% saving on your current bill

According to NSW, Australia's sun time

Environmental benefits
Solar PV systems have no emission. Its just silently pure and clean energy



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