Solar Hot Water

The solar water heater uses the sun’s energy to heat water. Solar panels installed on the roof absorbs sunlight to heat water which flows into the storage tank. Say no to electric water heaters and combat the greenhouse effect. You are lucky if you are living in Australia because it is the best place to make the best use of it and also to save money. Solarmatic has a wide range of solar water systems which will bring down the energy bills while reducing the carbon footprint. You will get highly efficient and robust systems.

Solar Hot Water Made Easy

People are encouraged to switch to solar water heaters by providing generous subsidies and attractive rebates by the Australian government. You will get a truly affordable solution to meet your solar water needs from Solarmatic. Our Solar panels come with up to 10-year warranty, which means you are investing in a system that will ensure the economical, easy and hassle-free supply of hot water for years to come.

Wide Range of Solar Systems to Choose From

Solarmatic gives you the chance to choose from a wide variety of systems keeping in mind your family size, type of house, climatic conditions, availability of space, and roof configuration. Whether you are looking for roof mounted solar hot water systems, split system solar heaters or heat pump water heaters, we have you covered.

High-Quality Installation

We have a team of highly Skilled, fully trained and experienced staff. Before installation, our team will carry out a thorough inspection to find the right place. You would have a completely hassle-free experience with Solarmatic as our technicians get it right the first time to ensure complete peace of mind.

Get a Free Assessment Now

Solarmatic team will help you choose the right solar water system for your home as per your needs. Our expert will visit your property to assist you. You just need to fill the form or you can call 1300 980 640.

Compare Solar to Conventional Water Heater

    FREE energy from the Sun
  • Annual operating cost: $50
  • Storage Capacity: 300-600L
  • Life expectancy: 15-35 years
  • Lifetime operating cost: $1,000
  • Does NOT pollute the environment
  • Increases equity in your home
  • 25% return on your investment
  • Protection from future increases
  • Hot water during blackouts!
    COSTLY gas or electric
  • Annual operating cost: $500+
  • Storage Capacity: 250-400L
  • Life expectancy: 8-12 years
  • Lifetime operating cost: $10,000
  • Depletes fossil fuels
  • No added value to your home
  • No return on utility payments
  • At mercy of utilities/government
  • No hot water during blackouts
  • Standard Gas
    Hot tank
  • Annual operating cost: $500+
  • Storage Capacity: 24-160L
  • Life expectancy: 8-12 years
  • Lifetime operating cost: $10,000
  • Depletes fossil fuels
  • No added value to your home
  • No return on utility payments
  • At mercy of utilities/government
  • No hot water during blackouts

Benefits of Solar Water Heating


Reduction in Energy Costs

As we know domestic water heating draws a large amount of energy to meet the needs. In households, we rely on hot water to run washing machines, dishwasher, steam baths, showers and many more. This increases the electricity bill and hence our expenses. Fortunately, our Hot water systems meet approximately 90% of the needs.

Adds value to your property

Solar water systems are gaining popularity worldwide especially in Australia. SWH increases the worth and desirability of your property.

Helps in saving the Environment

Global Warming has become a serious concern all over the world. SWH significantly reduce the dependency on fossil fuels and helps in lowering the carbon footprint. It saves money in the long run as sun’s energy is available free of cost.

Government support

Considering the benefits which the SWH offers, the government is offering attractive rebates to encourage people to switch to it.

Safe and reliable

When Solar water heaters get installed, they have very low maintenance. They come with comprehensive warranties to prove their reliability.

Efficient Technology

Technology has made a significant shift and nowadays it offers SWH units with drain-back technology which uses antifreeze fluid to prevent freezing of pipes in cold weather.

We deal in the repair of all major hot water system brands which include Rheem, Solahart, Rinnai, Dux, Aquamax, Apricus, Vulcan, Bosch, Everhot, Conergy, Edwards Solar and more.