1. This contract sets out the terms and conditions for the contract between the client named in the contract as (you, your or client) and (Us or we) as Solarmatic Pty Ltd (ABN 61161536714).
2. Payment of a deposit or signing the contract is evidence of your acceptance of all terms and conditions as outlined in this agreement.
3. Solarmatic Pty Ltd will rely on answers provided by the client concerning the nature of their home and their eligibility for Grants, Rebates, Energy Trading Certificates and Carbon Credits generated or created for point of sale discounts from the purchase price.
4. The pricing given, and specified work is carried out on the basis that the client covenants and warrants to us that the existing roofing, plumbing and wiring is in good order and condition and in a good state of repair and in the event that the existing roofing, wiring, and plumbing is not in a good order and condition, or in a good state of repair, or not in accordance with the current requirements of gas, electric or water authorities, the Client acknowledges that we are under no responsibility whatsoever to repair or replace same. Solarmatic Pty Ltd will not be in any way liable for any damages by the product sold to the client caused by defective, insufficient or out of repair roofing, plumbing or wiring.
5. No responsibility is accepted by Solarmatic Pty Ltd for any unforeseen additional work required including any costs or liability in relation to the replacement, repair or suitability of existing plumbing fittings, piping, floor covering, wiring, roofing or any other household effect.
6. STCs can be described as a sort of renewable energy currency, it can be bought, traded, and sold, and their value fluctuates with supply and demand.
7. You agree to assign to Solarmatic Pty Ltd your right to receive all Grants, Rebates, Energy Trading Certificates and Carbon Credits generated or created as a result of the installation of the system including your right Under the Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator program to create STCs in exchange for a point of sale discount of a cash reduction in the Purchase Price.
8. Should the client choose to keep STCs then the full price of the system will be required to be paid by the client.
9. You acknowledge that if for any reason you are not eligible for or that Solarmatic Pty Ltd do not receive in full all Grants, Rebates, Energy Trading Certificates, Carbon Credits generated as a result of the installation of the system including your right under the Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator program to create STCs that You have assigned to Solarmatic Pty Ltd then you will be required to pay in full the shortfall in value of the “Point of Sale Discount” as detailed on the tax invoice.
10. You authorize Solarmatic Pty Ltd and authorized personnel to install the selected System as detailed in the Sales Contract at Your home or business.
11. You acknowledge that we may need to change the scheduled installation date due to unforeseen circumstances such as rain, high winds, hail, sickness, acts of God, etc.
12. We shall not be liable to you for any damages or losses that may arise as a result of the delay whether directly or indirectly of the supply and installation of the System or components of the System including connection to the electricity grid. We retain the right to supply you with alternate or equivalent components of the System including the panels, inverters, mounting system and consumables than those specified in the Offer.
13. When we install any system at your home or business we will use our best endeavors to install the system to achieve maximum performance and efficiency of the system components however we will not guarantee the system performance or efficiency. Any shading will negatively affect the performance of the array. Panels facing direct East or West will be approximately 10-15% less efficient than direct North facing panels.
14. Clients must meet the installer on site to agree on the installation position of the purchased equipment. Should you choose to be away while the system is installed then Solarmatic Pty Ltd will install the system under your instructions and will take no responsibility for positioning of the system. Extra charges will apply to relocate any equipment already installed.
15. If any equipment has to be relocated due to any requirements such as complaints from neighbors or local authorities, then these costs would be incurred by the client and not Solarmatic Pty Ltd.
16. Should we determine that your home or business may not be suitable to achieve maximum efficiencies from the system and you choose to proceed with the installation of the system, you acknowledge that Solarmatic Pty Ltd will take no responsibility for this.
17. You understand that Solarmatic Pty Ltd is not responsible for loss in any shape or form caused to you by installing any product for you.
18. We will not be liable to you for any personal injury or any loss or damage of any kind that was not reasonably foreseeable or that could not have been expected to result from the circumstances set out in clauses.
19. Ownership of all equipment on site remains the property of Solarmatic Pty Ltd until paid in full.
20. Any equipment partly or completely installed on your site becomes your responsibility against Theft or Damage.
21. We ensure that the system is installed by trained, qualified and licensed personnel; we will take all reasonable care when installing the system on your home but in some circumstances through no fault of our own tiles may be brittle, cracked or broken. Old homes are particularly prone to tile breakage. Solarmatic Pty Ltd will replace the Broken tiles providing you have the replacement tiles on the day of installation. Should for any reason you are not able to provide replacement tiles then the qualified installer will take reasonable or alternate measures to fix the Broken tiles.
22. You agree to pay additional fees for meter connections separately for the System to be connected to the grid unless otherwise written on the contract and agree to pay for any work required to your switchboard in order for the system to be connected to the grid, any extra work ordered by electrical authorities relating or not relating to the sold product such as future change in the regulation will be costs incurred by the Client. Solarmatic Pty Ltd is not responsible for the correction, modification or repair of any pre-existing non- compliant plumbing and electrical works.
23. You understand that in some cases we are not able to connect your installed System to the Electricity Grid as grid connection of the System in some areas is controlled and managed by your energy network provider or meter installer/technician only. You acknowledge that we are in no way responsible for any delay or associated costs for the completion of this work.
24. You understand that we take no responsibility in the amount you receive as a result of the installation of the System. We acknowledge it is your responsibility to verify available feed in tariffs including terms and conditions available to you as a result of the connection to the grid and size of the system installed.
25. Full final payment of any balance must be paid to Solarmatic Pty Ltd on the installation day.
26. Failure to Pay any balance amount that is payable under this contract is charged interest at the rate of 10%.
27. Credit card processing fees apply.
28. All Payment amounts have been calculated GST exclusive unless otherwise stated.
29. Termination of the contract: clients are entitled to a cooling off period of 10 days.
a) The cooling-off period commences immediately after payment of deposit or contract being signed by the client.
b) Either Party may terminate the contract if the other party breaches the terms and conditions of the contract.
c) Should the client wish to terminate the contract a written termination notice must be mailed to Solarmatic Pty
Ltd Unit 6 327 Woodpark Rd Smithfield NSW 2164 with Clients Copy of contract and reason for termination.
d) If the cancelation happens after the cooling off period or Solarmatic Pty Ltd feels you have failed to comply with the terms and conditions of the contract you will be liable for any associated costs.
e) Cancellation fees of $500 will apply if the order is canceled after the 5 days cooling off period.
f) Should you terminate the contract after installation works have commenced, fail to provide access to your home, fail to restrain any animals at your home or fail to make the site of your home safe for our employees to perform their works, you will be liable for all works and materials provided including payment on your behalf of any fees or charges associated with the System installation and meter installation by your network provider.
g) Where any Federal or State Government program that provides you with Grants, Rebates, Energy Trading Certificates and Carbon Credits generated as a result of the installation of the system be significantly altered or canceled either party may terminate the contract.
30. Warranties
a) All work and any materials supplied and utilized by Solarmatic Pty Ltd will be designed and suitable for the purpose of which they are used as part of the System installed at your home.
b) Warranties of components of the system include:
Solar panels: All product and performance warranties carried out by the manufacturer as per manufactures policies. (5, 10, 12, 25-year warranty)
Inverter: All warranties carried out by the manufacturer as per manufactures policies. (5-10 year warranty).
Mounting kits: All warranties carried out by the manufacturer as per manufactures policies. (1-5 year warranty).
Hot water systems: All warranties carried out by the manufacturer as per manufactures policies. (5-10 year warranty).
Skylights & Ventilation: All warranties carried out by the manufacturer as per product range warranty policies. (1- 10 year warranty). Installation, labor, and workmanship Carried out by the installer (1-10 years warranty).
c) Warranty is not a service. Any calls placed to check a product, wash panels, check operation, renew blown fuses, etc. are chargeable to the client.
d) Warranty calls will only be carried out during normal working hours and only by our representatives and not via the client’s choice of repairer. We will not accept back charges for any work not carried out by our representatives.
e) Solarmatic Pty Ltd takes full responsibility for the repair of the components installed. We, however, do not take responsibility for any consequential damages to property after the installation is complete and the system has been commissioned.
f) For Warranty details, documentation and procedures: Refer to the warranty card issued for each product.
g) Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.
h) In the case of a problem with any Goods which is not defined as a ‘’ major failure‟ under the ACL and which is capable of being remedied, you are not entitled to reject the Goods or to ask for a refund. However, you may ask us to remedy the failure, in which case we may choose to provide a refund, replace the Goods or repair the Goods or pay you the reasonable cost of having the Goods repaired or replaced.
i) In the case of a problem with any Services which is not defined as a “major failure‟ under the ACL and which is capable of being remedied, you must provide us with an opportunity to remedy the problem free of charge within a reasonable time.


Payment Plans, Finance & Payment Terms

• If you require a payment plan we can provide this through various methods, Solarmatic takes no responsibility for the agreement between yourself and these providers.
• If self-funding the purchase of your new solar system, Solarmatic require the deposit paid within 7 days prior to installation and the balance to be paid in full on the day of completion of our works, meaning the day the initial commissioning/testing of your solar inverter, upon receipt of payment your Final paperwork will be lodged with your metering provider and a copy sent via email or text to you if requested, this is known as an EWR, your meter changes will not take place until this is lodged so prompt payment is advised in order for no delays to occur, by accepting these terms you understand that payment is required prior to your metering work being completed by your metering provider.
• If you have taken on a payment plan option, Solarmatic require a job completion or job satisfaction form to be signed on the day of completion of our works, meaning the day the initial commissioning/ testing of your solar inverter installation, once this has been signed your Final paperwork will be lodged with your energy provider this is known as an EWR, your meter changes will not take place until this is lodged so prompt signing of job Completion forms are advised in order for no delays to occur, by accepting these terms you understand that payment is required prior to your metering work being completed by your metering provider.
• Should your installation have minor issues, such as monitoring, wifi connection issues, broken/cracked tiles, you are entitled to withhold a maximum of 10 percent of the final payment until the issue is repaired or Fixed. Failure to make payment within 7 days of the solar system being installed can incur further charges and will be sent to a debt collection agency after 14 days at the expense of the customer.

STC’s or Government Incentives

The STC’s or otherwise known as Small Scale Technology Certificates mentioned in your agreement is a federal government-funded renewable energy incentive. This incentive provides an out of pocket discount to the consumer, meaning the STC’s have been discounted off the price of your solar system, you will not be entitled to any other government based Financial incentives. Solarmatic will complete all of the paperwork to claim the STC rebate, however, you will be required to sign the STC assignment form on the day of completion of works, meaning the same day of the initial commissioning/testing of your solar inverter, if this document is not signed within 7 days of completion of works, you will be invoiced for the STC incentive amount shown on your agreement and have 7 days to either make a payment or sign the required paperwork for release.

Providing Spare Roof tiles

All tradespeople and laborers working on behalf of or for Solarmatic have extensive training and take the most care with your property and work with the goal to have no tiles break, however on occasion the breaking of roof tiles is unavoidable. Where no spare tiles are available we will temporarily repair any damaged tiles and relocate damaged tiles to a section of the roof where the tiles are easily accessed, Solarmatic will not be liable for additional site visits to replace tiles where spare tiles were not provided at the time
works/installation were undertaken.

Monitoring & WiFi Setup

Many solar systems installed by Solarmatic have a monitoring component, if you would like our installation team to complete the initial installation/setup of your inverter to your home WiFi, your WLAN signal will need to be strong enough at the inverter location, in some cases a WiFi extender may be needed, if this is the case you will be required to supply the WiFi extender or Solarmatic can supply at a cost of $99 configured and installed. If you have a complicated home network, including a home server, expert IT assistance may be required at your own expense. Return visits to connect or reconnect your inverter/monitoring device to your WiFi after the day of completion of works will incur a callout fee of $99.

Maintaining your solar system

Solarmatic recommends cleaning your solar panels every 18-24 months and offer such a service. During this check we will make sure that the system is not only operational but safe and performing at the standard required, we can also determine early points of failure and perform preventative maintenance if required. Having your solar system professionally cleaned is not mandatory, however, if you were to have panel failure, most manufacturers want to see that the system has been checked and cleaned regularly, the better you look after something the longer it will last especially in the tough climate that is Australia. Solarmatic cleaning and maintenance service is charged out at $8 per panel and a call out fee which is area dependent, these prices are subject to change.


At Solarmatic we aim to get everything right the first time, however sometimes we do make mistakes and will need to make changes to a roof design or electrical plan either before or on the day of installation, if this happens and we need to increase the price of your system, we will not do this unless agreed by you. If you do not accept the new price, we will happily cancel this agreement and refund if required at no penalty to you.


Solarmatic provides a 5-year total system warranty, meaning Solarmatic guarantees the operation and performance of your system for this time; your warranty rights follow the same stringent guidelines, which are applied under Australian Consumer Law. Your warranty will be broken down into different sections below to cover the different parts and services performed when installing a solar system on your home or commercial premise/

Workmanship Warranty: Solarmatic provides a 10-year workmanship warranty on all solar installations, this covers the actual installation, not the components used in the installation of your solar system; these will be covered below.
Inverter Warranty: Inverter warranty periods vary from inverter to inverter, however, Solarmatic has worked hard to partner with reputable and sustainable manufacturers who stand behind the products they manufacture, inverter warranties vary depending on the brand, this will be listed on page one of this agreement in the inverter section, if your inverter fails within the First 5 years Solarmatic will provide the labor side of the replacement free of charge, the inverter replacement itself will fall under manufacturer guidelines and replacement is at the discretion of the manufacturer, Solarmatic will not be held liable for any loss of production or savings due to inverter failure or underperformance.

Solar Panel Warranties

Performance Warranty – Most solar panel companies will provide a linear warranty which is simply a performance warranty, this is to guarantee the loss due to degradation of the solar panels over time, solar panel loss should be less than 2.5 percent in year one, and also should be less than 20 percent at the end of the 25th year, unless stipulated on the manufacturer’s specification sheet for the panel installed on your home, all panels are warranted to be working at 80 percent efficiency at the end of year 25.

Structural / Workmanship Warranty – Solar panels also have a warranty which covers the structural component of the solar panel, this covers defects due to faulty workmanship or faulty materials, most solar panel manufacturers offer 10 years structural or workmanship warranty, this will be noted on page one of this agreement under the panel section.

Rail Warranty: Rail is the aluminum framework Solarmatic use to fix the solar panels to your roof, due to different roof types, tile, steel, colourbond, tin & kliplok, we use many different brands, however all brands used by Solarmatic come with a minimum 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, upon asking you will be provided with an engineering certificate for the brand used on your home.

Battery Warranty: Solarmatic only partners with the top manufacturers in the industry, this includes Tesla, LG, Sonnen, and Samsung, these battery/storage solutions are covered by extensive manufacturer’s warranties and are mostly guaranteed to perform for 10 years, for exact specification please check the manufacturer’s website.

Balance of System Warranty: All components apart from the inverter, solar panel, battery/storage systems, and rail come with a minimum 5-year warranty.

Warranty Exclusions

Solarmatic does not repair or replace products under warranty if the following has been deemed to have occurred,
1 – Exposure to unsuitable environmental conditions, including lightning, over-voltage issues, and or storm damage.
2 – Damage caused by building movement, tree branches, or any other form of physical damage.
3 – Unauthorised or unusual/abnormal usage of any component used to install the solar system.
4 – Material or workmanship not provided by Solarmatic

Warranty Claims & Dispute Resolution

If you have a concern about any aspect of your experience with Solarmatic, please call 1300 980 640 during the hours of 9 am and 5 pm NSW time or email, info@solarmatic.com.au, we will respond within 2 business days, our first step is to fault find over the phone, if this can’t be resolved we will have an electrician attend the property within 7 days, if you are not happy with your response, please email management@solarmatic.com.au, this will go straight to all managers of the company.

Consumer Rights

You have been made aware that a 10 business day statutory cooling-off period applies to this contract and during this period you can change your mind and terminate this contract for any reason without penalty.